3 Tips to Protect your Business from Workplace Fraud

3 Tips to Protect your Business from Workplace Fraud

Call (844) 287-2576 for 3 Tips to Protect your Business from Workplace Fraud. ATP Alarms specializes in Business Security Systems & Automation Solutions.Creating strong internal controls and monitoring systems is essential to secure your business. These systems and processes can help to prevent workplace fraud and even protect your business from issues like fraudulent workers compensation claims.

Here are three tips you can implement this week to improve your controls and monitoring systems.

1. Document your official procedures

Ensure you have written procedures and that you and your employees follow them. This can include your code of conduct on how employees are expected to act. This can also include how they are supposed to carry out their jobs and potential disciplinary actions. When it’s documented, it’s easier to protect you and your business.

2. Monitor Employee Behavior

We’re not saying to hover over their shoulder for every minute of the day. But, in critical areas, implement solutions such as surveillance cameras – indoors and outdoors. They are especially useful in areas where you have inventory or merchandise that can easily be slipped out, at cash registers, etc. Just make sure they are installed correctly so you can monitor appropriately.

Cameras strategically placed can help deter fraudulent activities and give you video evidence in case of an incident. You can learn more here about the importance of a business surveillance system.

3. Implement Access Controls

Restrict staff access to information, data, supplies, inventory, etc. You can do this through an access control system where only specific staff have access to areas that allow them to do their job. If an employee doesn’t need to access the inventory location to do his/her job, then your access pass or code shouldn’t allow them into that section.

These three solutions – documented procedures, surveillance cameras, access control systems – can be put in place rather quickly. Are you ready to implement all the necessary measures to protect your business from workplace fraud? Then contact ATP Alarms. We’re waiting to serve you.

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