Protecting Your Commercial Property – Internal Office Security Threats

Protecting Your Commercial Property
Internal Office Security


Call (844) 287-2576 to Learn About Protecting Your Commercial Property. Internal Office Security Threats are Critically Important. ATP Alarms Can Help!Internal office security threats are ever prevalent, and something business owners need to take seriously. Let’s look at some internal office security threats you could face and possible solutions to prevent them.

Unauthorized Access

There are two types of unauthorized access issues that your business could face. The first is from external threats where someone may want to steal equipment, appliance, data, or vandalize the property. Then, there is also internal unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, it’s not always the external threat that does the most harm in a business. It’s your employees. So, having systems in place to deter cases of insider threats and damages from unauthorized access is important to protect your business.

Employee Theft

This is one of the common situations that offices face. There are many moving parts in your business to consider, no matter the size of your business, which can make it difficult to monitor for employee theft. Plus, not every employee is a risk. However, you won’t know which ones are. So, be on the safe side and install systems to prevent employee theft at all levels of staff.


Expensive lawsuits can arise from negligence within the workplace. You need to ensure that basic systems are in place such as fire alarms, serviced fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Plus, you also need to check that your workers are adhering to company policy and aren’t carrying on activities that can open you up to litigation.

What office security measures can you take?

First, conduct a security audit of your business. If you’re not sure where to start or how to do it, then start with this post on planning your business security system and follow-up through with a consultation with ATP Alarms.

Access control systems, door locks, alarms, cameras are just basic necessities to keep access limited and to deter potential criminals – both internal and external to the business. Then we can talk about expanding the internal security measures based on your specific business needs.

How strong is your office security?

As an employer, you are responsible for protecting your employees from both internal and external security threats. As a requirement to provide reasonable care for your employees, you could be faced with lawsuits for negligence or liable for damages if your employee is hurt on the job.

So, let’s discuss your business security systems and protecting you and your employees from internal threats.

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