Protection Versus Prevention: How To Secure Your Business for Both

Protection Versus Prevention: How To Secure Your Business for Both

Call (844) 287-2576 for Info on Protection Versus Prevention: How To Secure Your Business for Both. ATP Alarms specializes in Business Security Systems.While we may use prevention and protection interchangeably, there are subtle differences. It lies in the function of each and how you go about executing them. Let’s take a quick look at prevention versus protection in business security.

What is preventive security?

Prevention is the first part of business security and generally happens before protection. Prevention means to keep from happening. It’s about stopping or reducing risks. So, you’ll need to assess your business and security vulnerabilities and determine how best to limit or prevent the risks.

Examples of preventive security measures in a business include standards, policies, and processes designed to limit the impact of an incident. You can prevent security threats through regular security audits or reviewing your disaster plans.

What is protection?

Protection steps in where prevention fails. So, this is often the physical security equipment and procedures that support your business. For example, a monitored alarm system is a protective measure. If a fire breaks out, you have a system to detect the fire. Plus, where the system is monitored, they can contact the fire department on your behalf and send help. You may also have fire suppression systems, which are also protective tools. They are intended to put out the fire after it has started.

Protection Versus Prevention: Combining the two

For a more secure business, you need to have both preventive and protective measures in place. So, for example, fire safety in the workplace. The preventive measures are the rules and policies you have in place to prevent fires. Things like no open flames, no smoking, etc. But where that fails, your protective measures come into play.

So, if a fire happens, you can either put it out with a fire extinguisher or a suppressant. Or your monitoring company can get the fire department to extinguish the blaze for you.
Now that you can see the distinction between the two, how do they complement your business? What protective and preventive measures do you have in place?

If you need help in devising all the strategies and physical requirements for a secure business, give us a call or send us a message at ATP. We are a leader in business security and safety.

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