Save the Tails and Giving Back

What is Save the Tails and How Does it Give Back?

Learn about the Save the Tails Project and how it gives back to the Seminole and Orange County communities. Fire Suppression Charity by ATP - (888) 903-8803

I’m writing about a wonderful story of a small yet growing fire alarm and fire protection business that not only serves their client with honest hard working individuals, they also help the community. I’m writing about the project called Save the Tails and Giving Back. I have been involved in a community project to help a small pet adoption organization called Pet Rescue by Judy. This pet adoption agency serves Seminole and Orange County in Florida. Judy is a woman who has committed her life to keeping unwanted animals alive and finding homes for these animals. She has spent the last twenty one years working through adversity that is unknown to most people. She has been living in warehouses, woods, and anywhere she can keep her animals. She has done without so many basic amenities, some of which we all take for granted, like a chair. The point being Judy has always puts the animals first, and the love she receives in return is how they give back.

The second phase of Save the Tails is to build a veterinary facility next door to the adoption facility to minimize the cost for spade and nurturing.

I am happy to announce that on March 1st, 2014 Judy was given the certificate of occupancy for a 1.2 million dollar facility, paid in full. This was done by the generosity of many loving and caring individuals and their companies. This was phase one of two phases. The second phase is to build a veterinary facility next door to the adoption facility. The veterinary facility is intended to minimize the cost for spade and nurturing the animals before the adoption process.

We at ATP Alarms and ATP Fire with FrontLine Fire Protection systems were able to help by providing a fire suppression system and a fire alarm system. The fire suppression system was not required, yet Judy wanted one due to the unfortunate situation that happen many years ago, where she lost 20 plus animals due to a small fire. The requirement of fire suppression systems are required based on certain design parameters by our national codes which are enforced by the local authority having jurisdiction. They do allow some buildings to be built without a fire suppression system, which is a griseous issue. The fire suppression system is designed to allow enough time for the occupant to exit a burning building before something bad happens. The fire suppression system in many cases suppresses the fire before the fire department arrives on site. The installation of fire suppression systems adds a level of safety that is an asset to any building. The costs of these systems in many cases are minimal to the overall project’s budget. Fire suppression systems generally are only installed when required by the code, yet if a fire occurs we learn what a true asset they are. In addition, a fire suppression system installation requires a monitoring system, which will notify the local fire department within seconds of an alarm signal from the flow switch, which signals when we have water flowing from the fire suppression system. These seconds will only help in minimizing the catastrophic event, but they do save lives and buy the Fire Department time.

The commitment and sacrifice of these individuals that work at ATP Alarms / ATP Fire and FrontLine Fire Protection Systems who freely offered their service and resource to make this happen for the Save The Tails Project, the Pet Rescue by Judy was nothing short of a blessing for the community and all the future animals of Seminole and Orange county of Florida. I’m honored to work with a group of selfless individuals in a business setting.