Making a Change this International Earth Day

Making a Change this International Earth Day

Let’s Conserve Energy an Easy Way

With the start of spring, there are many ways you and your family can help conserve energy, save money, all while helping the planet.

Thinking of Making a Change this International Earth Day? Let’s Conserve Energy an Easy Way with Home Automation from ATP Alarms - Call (844) 287-2576 now!International Earth Day is April 22 and the theme for this year is “End plastic pollution”. In addition to efforts to reduce the use and the improper disposal of plastic, there are many other ways we can help protect our environment .

As we take time out to reflect on how best to take care of our planet, we can help do our part by reducing how much energy we use in our homes. A smart home, energy-efficient system can go a long way to conserving resources.

Some home energy conservation options to look at:

Efficient Lighting
Change out your light bulbs to energy efficient models. Replace your incandescent bulbs which have a very short lifespan and consume a lot of energy compared to fluorescent. You can even go one step further and swtich to LEDs. Disposal of these bulbs, which last much longer, is also better for the environment. And when you incorporate smart light management, you can control your lights remotely, so you can turn them off if you forgot to when you left home.

Ceiling Fans
Use ceiling fans to help distribute comfortable temperatures throughout the home. And automated ceiling fans help this process along.

Automatic Shades
Use natural lighting to help reduce your reliance on artificial lights. Plus, when the temperature is cool, bringing in light can help with warming your rooms. And in the summer when you need to conserve energy and keep your indoors cool, having your shades closed is optimal. So, investing in automated shades works for you all year round.

Making energy conservation a way of life
The bonus is that when we conserve energy, we are also reducing our energy bills. So, it’s a win-win.

Let’s not leave our activities only to earth day. Instead, let’s make energy conservation a way of life. And we can easily accomplish this through the little things we do at home daily. So, reduce the use of plastic bottles and don’t forget to recycle. And, we can all start at home with our own energy use.

Let us know . . . what are you doing to conserve energy in your home?

If you need help with implementing these energy-saving solutions, give us a call. ATP Alarms specializes in solutions to make your home energy-efficient. Schedule a consultation today and let’s make your home smart and more efficient.

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