Home Automation Systems for Independent Living

Home Automation Systems for Independent Living

The Smarter Way to Live

What’s the smarter way to live in this technological age? Ensuring that our home devices work for us and take advantage of those systems that make our lives easier. Smart home technology, especially home automation systems, have been making it easier for independent living and we should make as much use of it as we can.

Call 844-287-2576 - home automation systems for independent living makes life easier. ATP Alarms specializes in custom residential home automation systems.If you want your parents or other family members to live at home longer, then investing in home automation devices will help you do just that. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which these systems make independent living easy.

Home Automation for Safety and Security

Automated systems can fall into two main categories – safety devices and security devices. Safety devices are home care units that help to prevent accidents or injury. For example, fire and carbon monoxide detectors are safety devices, whereas burglar alarms are security devices. You also have devices for making life easier. These include motion sensors for indoor lighting, automated drapes, etc.

Some of the systems to look at if you want to ensure that your home is suitable for assisted living for your parents include:

Centralized Control Systems

Centralized systems allow greater control over automated devices and appliances in the house. With forgetfulness being a problem at times with the elderly, this is a useful system to ensure that doors are closed, windows/blinds closed, lights come on when they need to, the rooms are at the right temperatures, etc.

You can check these systems remotely, or program them to be activated at specific times of the day.

Emergency Monitoring

Having an alarm system that is centrally monitored 24-7 ensures that there is always someone available if something happens at home. Not only does it improve your peace of mind, but it means that your parents are in good hands even as they continue to live independently.

Smart Doorbell – Video Intercom

With video doorbell, your parents won’t have to answer the door without knowing who is there. And if you install a doorbell that your parents can monitor from a smart device, they won’t even need to move to the door to know whether it is someone they trust to let into the home.

This gives them greater security and helps to keep them safe while you are away.

Smart Alarms – Smoke / Fire / Carbon Monoxide

With smart alarms for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide, you don’t have to worry that your parents may be trapped in a situation that they cannot escape. With alarms programmed to your phone or alarms that are monitored centrally by a UL station, you know that someone will always be notified if there is a problem at home.

Smart Lighting

Installing lights with motion detectors allow them to come on when someone enters the room and turn off if they leave. This allows the elderly to move about without worrying about having to turn on the lights or being unable to see their way around the home.

Home Automation Systems for Independent Living – Contact ATP Alarms

When you’re ready to turn your home into the best smart home for independent living, call ATP Alarms. Our technicians will walk you through the options available and how you can make your parents’ home or your home more suited for the elderly.

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