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Home Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Call (844) 287-2576 for Home Energy Saving Tips for Summer. ATP Alarms specializes in Automation for Home Energy Savings. Call Now for a Free Quote!The summer heat can be brutal. And this generally ends up meaning that our energy costs soar from trying to keep cool. But, you can lower your energy costs and save during the summer. ATP Alarms Z-Wave® devices are so designed to help you with your home energy management. Let’s take a look at how a few of these devices can help with your energy costs.

Maximize how you use your thermostat

We all know that heating and cooling comprise the highest part of our energy bills.

To use your thermostat efficiently during the summer, you should try to keep the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperature a small as possible. So, keep the thermostat as high as you can manage during the summer to keep your cooling bill low.

If no one is at home and no pets are at home, then turn your thermostat higher when you are at work. You can adjust it to your preferred temperature remotely just before you get home so you can cool down the house before you get in. Or program it to adjust automatically at different periods of the day.

You do have a smart thermostat that is programmable or that you can control remotely, right? If you don’t, then you need to call ATP today to upgrade.

Install Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to help your air conditioning system to work more efficiently. But you will only save on your energy costs if you invest in energy star rated ceiling fans. These are certified to use less energy than other fans.

And conserve energy by turning off the fans when no one is in the room. Remember, fans don’t cool rooms. They cool people. Plus, investing in a remote-controlled ceiling fan will help you to turn off fans in a room if by chance you forgot to do so when leaving.
Automatic shade and Efficient lighting

Cut your cooling costs by automatically covering your windows to block the heat from the sun during the summer. Or, maximize natural lighting and reduce the need for internal lights during the day.

You can also upgrade your lighting system to allow you to remotely turn them on/off in case you forget to when you leave for the day. For more ideas on how to save money by saving energy, check out our article on energy savings through home automation devices.

Get Started on Your Summer Energy Savings

Let’s get started on saving you money while enjoying the summer. Give us a call at ATP Alarms and try our Z-Wave® devices to maximize your energy savings with minimal effort. We’ll get you set up on all the necessary home automation and home security devices that can save you energy this Summer.

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