Can a security company be your greatest risk?

How can a security company be your greatest risk?

We see the many signs, decals and stickers for security firms at residential and commercial properties. But, could your security firm put you at risk?

Home security is so much more than the sign. The security company behind the sign matters even more. Your home security service provider has intimate access to your property to install the necessary systems. Of course, you need to be comfortable with the people who are given access to your private domain or your business.

One Main Issue with Large Security Firms

Call (844) 287-2576 to learn how can a Security Company Be Your Greatest Risk. ATP Alarms is your local authorized Honeywell Security Company. Call now!Many of the nation’s ‘top’ security firms have spread themselves so wide they need to employ subcontractors. And this is where the danger lies. They have to rely on the word of the subcontractor that their screening and vetting processes are up to par and that their employees are sufficiently well-trained.

Furthermore, because they employ sub-contractors, they may not be liable for any damage or theft that occurs through that subcontractor.

We are not saying that subcontracting is necessarily wrong or bad. It is just the inherent dangers that may affect you and your property if proper controls aren’t in place.

Peace of Mind with Small Security Companies

Family-owned companies such as ATP employ their own staff who carry out inspections and installations. At ATP, our staff are well screened and our company insured for our clients’ protection. Our staff is a part of the ATP family and this shows in the service we deliver to our clients. That’s why our customers continue to trust ATP to be their security provider.

You are willing to invest in your safety and security and want to be assured that your money is well-spent. You want to be comfortable with the people that are given access to your home or business. And you want to know that your security company can be trusted to respect your privacy and property.

Is your security company working to protect you, your property, and livelihood? Are you comfortable with the people you let into your space? If you are worried, then maybe you need to consider a company that employs people that you know, and who gets to know you as well.

If that’s the case, give us a call at ATP and let’s get to know each other.

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