The Importance of Trusting Your Security Company

Trusting Your Security Company

Who are you trusting to protect your family and property?

Security is very serious business. You have to be able to trust your security company on every level. What better way to grow trust than working with a local security provider that gets to know you and your home or business? That’s the benefit of choosing a family owned and locally operated company versus a national chain. The trust you learn to have in them.

With a national company, it is generally business-as-usual every day. You may not know who will be assigned to you for each project. And you have to constantly be going over the same issues with different people. You become just another client with an impersonal relationship with a company that you expect to help protect your life and property.

Compare this to the benefits of working with a family-owned business. One that values its employees, who in turn do their best for our customers so that we can deliver exceptional service. One where employees express that value in better relationships with you, our clients. Three of those areas in which we always deliver are personalized service, quick response time/responsiveness, and customer service.

Personalized Response
You should never be just another client, a faceless number in a system. You should matter. As a local company, you get a personalized response from our technicians. They know you by name, engage you in conversation, and explain all that needs to be done to secure you and your family. You would be just like Beau Couden and Bryan Etter who have developed great working relationships with our very own Rence.

Further, you benefit from expert technicians and staff. As Melissa Keating said, our technicians are knowledgeable and our office staff helpful.

Quick Response Times
Locally operated businesses tend to have a quicker response time than large corporate security companies. National companies can take days to respond to your concerns or requests. With ATP, you can get a response in 24 hours, less depending on the urgency of the matter. Like the experience of Vinny Prunotto, we will be there promptly once you call us.

We always strive to be professional and responsive to our clients’ needs. That’s how we engender trust in our services and the products we offer.

Exceptional Customer Service
As a locally owned and operated company, you have to pride yourself on delivering exceptional customer service. Our clients have consistently over the years continue to speak highly of our dedication to customer service.

American Total Protection is a family-owned and operated security company. Local businesses and individuals have been switching from national chains to ATP. And it’s for those three reasons and more. With ATP, you can enjoy the many advantages of our services that others have enjoyed.

In choosing the right security company to protect the ones you love, choose a locally operated, family owned business that understands the value of family, and the importance of protecting a business. Choose ATP Alarms to secure and protect what matters to you.

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