What’s most important about home security to you?

Choosing a home security system is an important investment and should not be approached lightly. At ATP Alarms, we would like to hear from you about what you consider most important about home security to you. Which of the aspects below are most crucial to you in choosing a home security solution? If what is considered an important factor to you is not listed, please feel free to add it in the comments section below.

Home Automation
Call 844-287-2576 to let us know what's most important about home security to you? At ATP Alarms we strive to put our customers first. Give us a call today!Home automation is the use of computers or phones to control different aspects of your home security and safety systems. You can automate certain features by setting timers or scheduling. Home automation means greater convenience and comfort from automation. Oftentimes referred to as a smart home, is having a smart home the main focus for your security needs?

Smartphone Access
Being able to have access to your home security and safety systems on the go no matter where you are in the world is most important to some people. Is this one of your most important reasons for home security? If yes, tell us why in the comments below.

Set-up Cost
Some people feel that the costs are too daunting to warrant the investment in the safety and security of their family. But, how much is too much? Tell us what you think.

24/7 Monitoring
24/7 monitoring means that eyes and ears are on your premises all day and night. Do you consider the benefits of 24/7 monitoring crucial to your choice of a home security system? What makes this factor important for home security to you?

Recurring (monthly) Costs
There are monthly fees for ongoing monitoring of residential and commercial security systems. Are these fees an important factor in your choice of a home security system?

Warranty on Equipment
All systems come with equipment that carries either warranty on the equipment itself, parts or labor. Do you factor this into your choice for a security system? What do you expect to receive?

Customer Service
atp-alarms-bot-blog-logo-v2Excellent customer service is always a drawing card no matter the type of business that a company operates. But is customer service that big of a deal when you are considering home security? Do you care if the agents or the field technicians are courteous? Does customer service from your security provider make a big impact on your choices? Tell us in the comments below.

Response Time for Managed Services
Do you consider the average response time for managed services in your security decisions? When considering what to look for in the choice of a residential or commercial security firm, is this a big factor that influences your choice?

We want to hear from you. Let us know your concerns and provide your feedback below. We are always open to listening to your concerns and responding to your queries.

Leave a comment below and let us know which of these factors are most important to you for home security and why.

So, what’s most important about home security to you?