Back to School Safety Tips for the Home

Back to School Safety Tips for the Home. Are You Prepared?

Yes, it’s the start of another school year. You’ve gone through the rush and excitement of preparing your kids to go back to school. But one thing that can be overlooked in the mad rush to get everything organized is safety. Here are a few back to school safety tips for the home that are often overlooked, or that you worry about and can be easily fixed.

Call (844) 287-2576 for Back to School Safety Tips for the Home. ATP Alarms specializes in Home Security & Home Automation for Kids Returning from School.We’re sure you’ve gone over the many outside safety tips with your kids. From stranger danger to getting to know their teachers, friends’ parents, and bus drivers. But, what about when they get home? Let’s look at three ways we can keep our children safe once they are home from school.

What to do when the kids get home before you?

Leaving a key under the mat (or flower pot) is no longer the best option for when kids get home early. It has never been a good option. Someone will notice or find it, and there goes your home security.

But, are you worried about your kids losing their copy of the house key and getting locked out? To let the kids in if no one is home, consider getting a smart lock that you can open remotely. And pair this with a smart doorbell, one where you can see who is at the door and open it to let the kids in. A doorbell / lock combination like the Skybell Video Doorbell paired with a smart lock that you can remotely open / close is a great combination.

With a lock combination such as this, you can know when your kids get home and that they aren’t stuck outside and in potential danger.

How to know what your kids are doing at home

Kids home alone can and do get into trouble. Make sure they have something to do when they get home. Even if they do not have any homework to keep them occupied, you can designate chores or other activities to keep them busy. Our suggestions for keeping kids safe while they are at home during the summer can also help when they return to school.
Plus, if you have a live video camera feed, you can check what they are doing in real time.

Protecting the kids while they are home

You can put all these systems together in a Total Connect package from ATP Alarms that you can manage from anywhere with a smart device. With video monitoring and remote access and control, you can keep your eyes on your kids and keep them protected all at the same time.

Since it’s time to go back to school, let’s discuss the best security and safety solutions that could work to protect those you love. Call ATP Alarms today.

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